Our Mission

St. Mary School is called into being and sustained by the parents and the parishes of St. Mary and Immaculate Conception for the purpose of educating the total child.

Academically, Spiritually,
Morally, Socially, Physically.


In fulfilling its mission, the children of St. Mary School will continue to live the values of their Catholic faith enabling them to meet the changing demands of a global society.


A Little Something About Our Philosophy


We, at St. Mary’s School, believe that knowledge is power.  Further, we believe Catholic education empowers children to become responsible members of the church and society. While we recognize that parents/guardians are the primary educators of their children, St. Mary’s School agrees to share the responsibility for the formal education of children in kindergarten through eighth grade. Through our educational programs, we strive for excellence. Potential, to learn critical thinking skills, and to develop their own special gifts with integrity, initiative, cooperation and self direction. Students are expected to participate actively in their  own learning process. St. Mary’s and Immaculate Conception. We parallel the adult Christian community by participating on the parishes liturgical, prayer and service life. Nourished by an active faith and empowered with knowledge, we strive to live the gospel message of loving service to others.

Open Enrollment

Students meeting the school’s program and financial requirements will be admitted regardless of race, ethnic origin, or creed.

Our school is a Roman Catholic K through 8 school located in Guttenberg, Iowa. It has a long tradition of educating the total child academically, spiritually, morally, socially, and physically...enabling them to meet the changing needs of a global society.